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Cultural Capital at Finlay

Finlay Community School are committed to ensuring children's education and experiences are rich in Cultural Capital.

The Department for Education defines Cultural Capital as "The essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement."


Our curriculum is intertwined with our SMILE values: social awareness, mental health and wellbeing, independence, life skills and excellent aspirations. These 5 core values also allow our children to enrich their Cultural Capital.

We base our cultural capital understanding on Sarah Crowthey's analogy of children coming to school with a backpack. We aim to fill their backpack throughout their time with us with rich experiences that enable them to develop an enriched Cultural Capital. The children have access to a Cultural Capital passport, which follows them through school. This passport includes all of the experiences we deem valuable and important to the children. Through our enrichment programme, children are also provided with additional opportunities linked to the objectives on our Passport. 

This includes:

  • Exploring and understanding the value of money, whilst learning about financial and money management.

  • Participating in a broad and balanced RHSE curriculum.

  • Supporting a charity organisation.

  • Learning and experiencing how to grow a plant, fruit and vegetables.

  • Learning how to play a musical instrument, both tuned and untuned.

  • Visiting a museum to learn more about an area I am focusing on in school. This includes Local and National museums.

  • Visiting a religious place of worship, for example a Church or a Mosque.

  • Understanding how history has shaped my future today (World War Two and Roman Legacy)

  • Reading and listening to stories by a diverse range of authors.

  • Writing a letter, addressing an envelope and posting it in the post box or at the post office.

  • Learning how to navigate the internet and how to send an email.

  • Learning how to say key phrases in another language.

Please open the document below for the full range of experiences we offer to the children at Finlay Community School. We hope by providing these experiences, we prepare the children to be educated citizens, who achieve and succeed in society.


01452 530 310

 Co – Headteacher: Mrs Hannah Williams

Co-Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Heather Willis

Deputy Headteacher: Miss Sasha Palmer

SENDco: Mrs Katie Kirby (email:

       Safeguarding Lead: Michelle Bryce (email:                                                     

Address: Finlay Community School, Finlay Road, Gloucester, GL4 6TR

School Day - Start: 8:50am

(with drop off from 8:40am)

Finish: 3:20pm

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