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We support our children, parents, staff and the community. It's what is important to us.



Finlay Community School is at the heart of our community, and we truly believe that we are privileged to serve the children and their families. We strive to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to improve outcomes and aspirations of all of our pupils.









At Finlay, we intend to teach a curriculum that is engaging, relevant and purposeful to all learners. We ensure that our curriculum meets national expectations in line with knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the National Curriculum.  

In addition to this, we also strive for our curriculum to enable our pupils to leave Finlay Community School with a SMILE:


S: Social Awareness


We aim for our pupils to learn more about the world in which they live as well as develop their understanding of the community in which they are from. We hope that children develop their understanding of topical issues and learn more about the difference they can make to society.


M: Mental Health and Wellbeing


We aim for our pupils and families to learn more about mental health and wellbeing, developing strategies to support them with this. We explicitly teach Mental Health and Wellbeing through the NHS Accredited App – MyHappyMind, which is available for pupils and parents/carers. We work with a range of stakeholders to access additional support in this area including Play Gloucestershire, Young Minds Matter and the School Nursing Team. We value pastoral support as a school and have a team of dedicated Learning Mentors who offer targeted 1:1 sessions and group sessions to support pupils.


I: Independence


We aim for our pupils to become independent learners, who are equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to succeed in all areas of the curriculum.


L: Life Skills


We aim for our pupils and families to develop a range of life skills that will support the pupils to succeed in society. This includes promoting and valuing reading, writing and mathematics, as well as developing pupil’s oracy skills. We are lucky to have three Academic Mentors who provide additional targeted tuition and offer a range of extracurricular clubs: reading rocks and the Finlay Flyer. We also aim to enrich the pupils cultural capital and develop their life skills in a range of other areas, including but not limited to, cooking, design and technology and sewing. We work with Adult Education to provide targeted support for our wider community, with sessions including: cookery, reading, maths, storytelling and ICT.


E: Excellent Aspirations


We aspire for all pupils to achieve and succeed, and strongly believe that every child can. We promote growth mindset and support pupils to believe that they can achieve their goals, developing the mindset of ‘WeCanDo’. We support pupils to believe that they can aspire to be whatever they would like to be, and talk openly with them about what they can achieve in the future. We strive to ensure that every pupil within our school is equipped to succeed in modern Britain and are prepared for the next stage of  their education.


01452 530 310

 Co – Headteacher: Mrs Hannah Williams

Co-Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Heather Willis

Deputy Headteacher: Miss Sasha Palmer

SENDco: Mrs Katie Kirby (email:

       Safeguarding Lead: Michelle Bryce (email:                                                     

Address: Finlay Community School, Finlay Road, Gloucester, GL4 6TR

School Day - Start: 8:50am

(with drop off from 8:40am)

Finish: 3:20pm

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