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"The school council allows everyone to say what they think and share ideas"


At Finlay, we believe that our children should contribute to the life of our school community and the community around them.

Our School Council plays an essential part in achieving this aim, where children can share their views and ideas, representing their classmates, to help  make our school the best it can be. 

It is an essential part of the School Council’s responsibility, to uphold the school''s vision: Aspire, Belong, Achieve. 


Our School Council aims to encourage our children to:

  • To have a ‘voice’ and to share their opinions and ideas with others

  • Become more confident, resilient and independent, and to develop strength of character

  • Develop confidence, a sense of responsibility and make the most of their abilities

  • Prepare them to play an active role as citizens

  • Develop good relationships with peers, stakeholders and other adults in school

  • Have mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Our School Council will give children the experience of:

  • Planning, organising and monitoring small projects

  • Speaking and listening skills to include working with external professionals

  • Debating skills

  • Mediation and negotiating skills

  • Basic budgeting and managing money

  • Preparing our pupils for citizenship, by teaching them about roles, rights and responsibilities within the school system

  • Sharing information with their class, and get ideas and views from their peers


We hold weekly meetings with the School Council, to discuss projects, any issues raised by their classmates, and ideas for improving the school and the community.  Pupil representatives are responsible for giving feedback to their individual classes and listening to their ideas and suggestions, in readiness to feedback at the next council meeting.  



Upholding the British value of democracy, class elections are held at the start of every year so that different representatives can put forward their election speeches as well as developing the full potential of the School Councils to complete tasks.  Those children wishing to be elected, must prepare and deliver a speech to their peers. The class then votes for their representatives.

School Council Team

What has our School Council achieved so far?

  • Raised funds for OPAL play 

  • Played a pivotal role in the implementation of new playground equipment, sharing their voice with Governors 

  • Supported the school in choosing the catering contract 

  • Organised a range of fundraising activities to support charity events


01452 530 310

 Co – Headteacher: Mrs Hannah Williams

Co-Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Heather Willis

Deputy Headteacher: Miss Sasha Palmer

SENDco: Mrs Katie Kirby (email:

       Safeguarding Lead: Michelle Bryce (email:                                                     

Address: Finlay Community School, Finlay Road, Gloucester, GL4 6TR

School Day - Start: 8:50am

(with drop off from 8:40am)

Finish: 3:20pm

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