Learning through play underpins everything that happens within Pre-School. 

The different activities that are carried out during session range from painting and drawing to construction and free play. Through all these activities the children are learning a variety of different skills linked to all areas of the EYFS curriculum. For example, playing in the water and sand tray will provide the children opportunities to develop mathematical skills as well as developing their communication and language when working with each other.

Children also have the opportunity to sit and read books in our ‘Book Corner’ and later on in the year will begin to learn some of their letter sounds and numbers. Although this is not a formal part of the Pre-School curriculum, we believe that when children are ready for the next steps in their learning then we will always look to move them forward as quickly as possible. Our children also have access to the school library once a week.

Our Stay and Play sessions are a fantastic opportunity for you to support this process and take part in some of the learning experiences with your child.