We are a dedicated and hard working team at Finlay and all our staff contribute to the children’s learning and well-being, offering many activities to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum but also to enrich the children’s cultural capital and develop our school SMILE values. 

The adults working in our class are: Miss Jemma Watson and Miss Ella Walden  

If you need advice on any information below, get in touch by calling us on 01452 530310 or email: Jemma.watson@finlay.gloucs.sch.uk 

What are we learning about in the Autumn Term? 

Our theme for the Autumn Term is ‘It’s Good to be Me’ and ‘Let’s Celebrate’. During the first half term, children will be exploring history related to their lives: looking at themselves, their parents, their grandparents as well as looking at people who help us. This will link to looking at what their parents do for work. In the second half term, children will be developing their religious understanding, looking at different religious celebrations and what different children believe. 

In Art and DT, we will be drawing and painting self portraits. We will do this on a few occasions throughout the year to look at how we have progressed with our drawing and painting skills. We will also be creating an Autumn collage using leaves as well as completing some Bonfire Night inspired painting. 

In RE, we are exploring two big questions from the Gloucester Agreed Syllabus: ‘Being Special: where do we belong?’ and ‘Why is Christmas special for Christians?’

In PE, we will be starting the year by playing some chase games, before moving on to gymnastics in the second half term. 

In Jigsaw/PSHE and RSE, we will be learning about ‘Being Me in My World’ and ‘Celebrating Difference’. 

Home Learning 

Please see a copy of our home learning activity sheet for the Autumn Term. This grid includes a range of activities for children to complete at home. Evidence of these home learning tasks can be uploaded to Seesaw or completed in home learning books.

The children should also access Numbots at least three times a week using their individual log ins. They also are required to read their fully decodable reading book to an adult at least three times a week, and record this in their reading logs. 


Useful links

Looking for extra learning, please follow links below


Educational videos
A wide range of educational clips/videos can be found on these websites:

National Geographic Kids 

Wild about reading!
If you have a library membership you can borrow ebooks and emagazines for free: https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/libraries/ebooks-eaudiobooks-and-emagazines/



Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.

Oxford owl activities:

Cbeebies Radio 
https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/radio Listening activities.