Executive Head: Mrs Rachel Lane

Operational Head: Mr Oliver Tuck

T: 01452 530 310

E: admin@finlay.gloucs.sch.uk



School uniform consists of a purple sweatshirt/cardigan, white/purple polo shirt, black/grey trousers and black school shoes. In the summer girls can wear purple summer dresses and boys black/grey smart shorts. A limited supply of sweatshirts and cardigans can be bought from the school office. Otherwise, please make your uniform order from:

Trutex Shop
99 Northgate Street

Telephone: 01452 413339


Or from Tesco Direct



You can collect for free or they charge a £5.60 delivery fee (correct as of 12 January 2017)

P.E. kit consists of purple/black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white t-shirt and daps/trainers. These must be named and kept in a P.E. bag. We encourage children to leave their P.E. kit at school for the term however, if you wish to take it home each week to wash you are free to do so.

Please note: children are not allowed to wear dangly earrings, fake tattoos, have fake nails or wear any other clothes round school that do not constitute school uniform.

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