Executive Head: Mrs Rachel Lane

Operational Head: Mr Oliver Tuck

T: 01452 530 310

E: admin@finlay.gloucs.sch.uk



Finlay Community School lies at the heart of the White City community and it benefits from lots of helpers.

The help we receive from parents is invaluable and is much appreciated by staff; it also shows the value parents place in children’s learning and children benefit from this.  Parents interested in helping in school, and who have the necessary free time, should speak to any member of the teaching staff.

Parents can help in many different ways, including:

  1. Listening to children read – this is more helpful than you sometimes may realise!
  2. Sharing skills and interests e.g. talking about their job, bringing in an aspect of their work to share with the children, using photographs to explain their role, etc
  3. Supporting teachers  on educational visits
  4. Making costumes for productions

Regular helpers in school are all checked by the Independent Safeguarding Authority in line with child protection guidelines.

Local partnerships have built up links with our school and we value their help. St. Barnabus Church support us in delivering assemblies and teaching children the Lord’s Prayer.  Learners from local secondary schools gain work experience by helping in school.  Our children benefit from seeing positive role models make such worthwhile contributions. We also support the University of Gloucestershire by supporting the training of teachers and sports students who often make a significant difference to our children’s learning and development.

If you are interested in helping in school, and have the necessary free time, please speak to any member of the teaching staff or contact our Family Liaison Officer, Michelle Bryce.

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