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Fun Websites

fun websites

All Year Goups

BBC CBeebies interactive and fun website.

ICT Games.

Do2learn Learning Games.


Great games on the Tate Art website.

Create your own Picasso head.

Art and Music games on the Learning Games for Kids website.


Fun games from the National Geographic website for kids.

Have fun learning with these geograhy games from Sheppard Software.

Primary Geography games for all ages.


BBC Schools page has some fun interactive history games for KS1.

History homework help from Woodlands Resources for KS2.

Crickweb History games for KS2.


Primary Games Arena ICT games.

Barclays code playground – Program everything to your perfect playtime!

Scratch – A child online, free to use, code based program creator (which we use in school)

Sketchup – You can download this for free and children can make 3D models from houses to cities.

Tuxpi photo editor.


Range of fun phonic activities for KS1 from the BBC.

Range of fun phonic activities for KS2 from the BBC.

Interactive English Games and Activities for KS1 and KS2 from Woodlands Resources.

ICT Literacy Games for KS1.

Crickweb Early Learning Years Games.

Crickweb Literacy games for KS2.


ICT Games for KS1.

Plenty of fun maths games for all ages from Topmarks.

Interactive maths zone from Woodlands Resources.


New York Philharmonic Orchestra Kids pages.

Novel Games – good games for the whole family.

Sphinx Kids interactive classical music games.

Personal, Health and Social Education

BBC for Schools Exploring Feelings for KS1.

RSPCA education interactive resources for KS1.

Traidcraft for schools activities and games for KS2.

CAFOD’s Big Book for school children KS2.

Snakes and Hazards game for KS2.

Religious Education

Interactive resources for KS2 from Topmarks.

Religious education reources and games for KS2 from iChild.

DLTK Bible pages – craft ideas for all ages.

Online learning and support pages from BBC for Religious Education.


Science Zone by Mandy Burrow – Homework help for KS2.

Crickweb interactive science resorces for KS1.


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