Executive Head: Mrs Rachel Lane

Operational Head: Mr Oliver Tuck

T: 01452 530 310

E: admin@finlay.gloucs.sch.uk

Children’s Learning

childrens learning

At Finlay Community School, we teach a variety of different themes over the year. We run History, R.E and Science themes throughout Key Stages 1 & 2.

Only subjects that link in a way which supports your child’s learning are linked to the themes. Examples of these are: Literacy, Art, Design Technology, ICT (Information Communication Technology) & Music.

All children bring home a theme book at the end of each term with completed work. The children take great pride in their theme books, displaying the importance of teaching in this creative way at Finlay Community School.

The subjects which do not support the teaching of a theme are taught separately. These generally include: Maths, Science, Physical Education (P.E.) & Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PHSCE).

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